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Why use Utility LINK?
Utility LINK offers many online account management tools for customers of Lee's Summit Water Utilities.  The previous online services system allowed customers to make a payment and view 12 months of usage history.  The new system allows that and much more.

Customers can access Utility LINK and make a quick payment using their account and customer number on their water and/or sewer utility bill.  Alternatively, customers can register their account to gain access to several account management tools.

By registering with Utility LINK, users can set a username and password to access their account(s) instead of using their account# and customer#.  Thus, if you ever need to make a payment and don't have a bill handy, or your account# and customer# memorized, you can access your account with your username and password and make a payment.  Registering also offers a variety of helpful tools such as usage history graphs, a consumption comparison tool, a transaction history log and several other amenities.

List of Features:
  • View multiple accounts (if applicable)
  • Make a payment
  • View, print and/or save bills (if signed up for ebill)
  • View meter reading history
  • View usage history
  • Compare usage with others on your street, region or the entire city
  • Start Service
  • Stop Service